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〈Limited〉uzra Bowl S

〈Limited〉uzra Bowl S

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Serve rice cooked with HEGE in a rice bowl.

Online exclusive

Diameter: φ125mm Height: 52mm
Weight: Approx. 165g
Material: Seido
Place of production: Japan
Color: White/Gray
Microwave oven, dishwasher, dryer: available

〈Limited quantity set〉
uzra x HEGE Rice Set (LidBowlRice bowl) is here
uzra x HEGE Tabletop Set (LidBowlPlateCup) is here

<Cleaning method>
○You can remove colored stains using a melamine sponge.

<Handling Precautions>
○Leaving coffee or curry for an extended period may potentially cause discoloration stains.
○Using metal cutlery and cooking utensils may cause scratches, so it is recommended to use softer materials such as wood or nylon resin.

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