[LIMITED]1周年記念プロダクト | 数量限定発売

[LIMITED] 1st anniversary product | Limited quantity release

We will be selling a dynamic, beautiful, lightweight aluminum bowl with a diameter of 330 mm that can be used for open flames, and comes with a wooden lid, perfect for parties where everyone gathers, such as chirashi sushi.

〈1st Anniversary〉φ330 open fire wide bowl (with wooden lid)
Price: 21,000 yen (tax included)

φ330 open fire wide bowl Diameter: 330mm x height: 79mm
Bottom diameter: approx. 90mm
Weight: approx. 450g
Capacity: Approximately 3850mL
Material: Aluminum (Surface processing: Alumite processing)
Color: Silver

A commemorative model made with only simple curves.

The alumite finish gives it a glossy appearance, giving it a beautiful luster just by being there, and an open structure that allows you to visually enjoy your food.

Release: February 9, 2024 (Fri) 12:00 (JST)

A dynamic bowl-shaped vessel that can be fired directly, finished with a single curve.
This commemorative model is dynamic, yet clean and neat.

The 330mm opening is open, creating an image of a dining table surrounded by many people.

Use the set of wooden lids to cook rice, stews, and soups.
Not only can it be used for buffet-style dishes and fruits, but it can also be used like an object by placing jewelry on it, and the uses are endless depending on your imagination.

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