[EVENT]インスタント ガストロノミー Vol.5

Instant Gastronomy vol.5

"Instant Gastronomy" is a dining event where you can easily experience delicious and emotional dishes using "HEGE", a tableware that can be directly heated by frying, simmering, and cooking on a single plate.

This time, Masakazu Shigeta, the brand director, has created a theme of "Asian Imperial Cuisine" that treats the whole of Asia, including Japan, as a single country. We will deliver.

・ Date: Fri, July 28, 2023
Afternoon 12:00-(Open at 11:45)
Evening session 18:00-(opens at 17:45) *Closed due to reaching capacity.
・Venue: HENGEN
1F, 2-20-2 Kita-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo (6-minute walk from Iriya Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)
・6 courses 9,900 yen (tax included) *drinks not included
・ Cod and watercress black vinegar salad
・Stewed seaweed and tofu
・Cold seafood and cucumber soup
・Japanese Poo Pad Pong Curry
・Tegone Sushi with Bonito -Flavor of Japanese herbs-
・Kuzuri of lemon bancha
◎Reservations are for 2 people or more.
◎Depending on the number of people and groups attending on the day, we may ask you to share a seat.
◎ Please note that the menu may change depending on the purchase situation.
<How to apply>
DM us on Instagram (@insta_hege) or email us at info@hege.jp.

Masakazu Shigeta Profile

After working in a technical position in the music industry, in 2001 he began working as a cosmetics developer, studying under his uncle who was a dermatology researcher. Since 2004, he has developed a large number of cosmetics as part of the cosmetics business of Nitto Denka Kogyo, a plating processing manufacturer founded by his great-grandfather. In 2017, he founded OSAJI, a brand that proposes a skin care lifestyle, and became its director. In 2021, OSAJI's new store "kako" (Kuramae, Tokyo) specializing in home fragrances and fragrances, and in 2022, OSAJI, kako, and the restaurant "enso" will produce a combined shop (Komachi Street, Kamakura). . In 2023, he will work on the tableware brand "HEGE" that utilizes Nitto Denka Kogyo's technology, and the restaurant "HENGEN" (Kitaueno, Tokyo) that serves seasonal ingredients and porridge at HEGE. Author of "Beauty to stop when you're 42, beauty to start" (Takarajimasha). Instagram: @masakazushigeta

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