About HEGE

HEGE is a brand of tableware that can be used over direct heat. As a company specializing in anti-corrosion surface treatment of metal parts, we created these products through the sound manufacturing technology and trust cultivated in the 60-plus years since our founding. The high-level technical skills we use in processing internal car parts and appliances (which have always passed high-load tests) have been applied to the crafting of lifestyle tools that you hold in your hands on a daily basis.

Using aluminum, a renewable resource, each piece is carefully formed one by one, applying a metal-spinning technique similar to handcrafting. Our blast-finishing process gives this tableware a subdued and sophisticated texture, and thick-film anodizing increases its surface strength while preventing corrosion. The thickness and surface finish resist scratches and burns and effectively regulate thermal conductivity. The items may look delicate at first glance, but in the course of tough daily use you’ll delight in their denim-like change in texture.

It looks delicate at first glance, but as you use it tougher, you'll notice that it changes in texture, much like denim.