[LIMITED]uzra × HEGEコラボレーション | 数量限定発売

[LIMITED] uzra × HEGE collaboration | Limited quantity release

Earth-friendly tableware〈uzra × HEGE〉

We, who create with the blessings of the Earth,
《Dishes conceived for coexistence with the Earth》

"Forest, water, air,
Gently to the elements surrounding us,
And also to ourselves."

Our production involves cutting down mountains, crushing soil and stones, and emitting a significant amount of carbon dioxide during manufacturing. As creators, we strive for vessels that are 'kind to the environment and ourselves.' In June, during Environmental Month, we collaborated with uzra, resonating with Seiseisha's philosophy, to realize HEGE.

We have prepared bowls and tea bowls made of "seido" that we would like you to use together with HEGE, available in limited quantities.

We hope you enjoy the difference in material texture and take some time to think about the environment.

■ Release date
Wednesday, June 5, 2024 12:00 (JST)

■ Location
HEGE Official Site

■ Lineup
[Single item]

  • uzra Over bowl M
  • uzra Bowl S
  • uzra Bowl M
  • uzra Mug L

*The colors are available in two options: White and Gray.

[Set of multiple pieces]

  • uzra x HEGE Rice Set (Lid・Bowl・Rice bowl)
    Set contents: uzra Bowl S 2 pieces + φ250 Open Fire Pot + Sawara Cypress Lid (27cm)
  • uzra x HEGE Tabletop Set (Lid・Bowl・Plate・Cup)
    Limited to 5 sets per color.

    Set contents: uzra Bowl S 2 pieces + uzra Bowl M 2 pieces + uzra Over bowl M 2 pieces + uzra Mug L 2 pieces + φ250 Open Fire Pot + Sawara Cypress Lid (27cm)

*The color combinations are White & Silver and Gray & Black, available in two options.

Please see more details here.

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