[LIMITED]大切な人に贈る、大切な人と使う 母の日ギフト

[LIMITED] A Mother's Day gift to give to someone special, or to use with someone special

<A gift for someone special, to be used with someone special>

HEGE cookware that can be placed over heat.

A daily-use vessel filled with gratitude, expressing "thank you" to someone special.

HEGE delivers the joy of enjoying easy, simple, and delicious meals, creating lively conversations around the dining table.

Please, enjoy delightful moments together with your loved ones.

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■Wrapping using "Wazarashi"

  • One package ¥330 (tax included)

We provide limited-time wrapping with traditional Japanese "wazome" fabric, which can be reused multiple times in everyday life even after opening the gift. Like HEGE products, this wrapping is designed for long-term use. "Wazome" fabric has various uses such as wiping, wrapping, straining, and laying, making it a versatile cloth for everyday tasks like cleaning and kitchen chores.

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Shipping Information

For customers requesting delivery on May 12th (Sunday), please place your order by May 7th (Tuesday) 23:59.
Orders received after this time may not be eligible for same-day delivery, so please be advised.
Also, please specify your desired delivery date in the comments section when placing your order.

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