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Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping

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If you would like gift wrapping, please order this along with your product.

[Limited time: until July 1st (Monday) 12:00] 

Just like HEGE's products, this wrapping uses 「Wazarashi」 material that can be used for a long time.
It is a Wazarashi that can be reused in everyday life even after opening the gift.  

Wazarashi can be used for a variety of purposes, including wiping, wrapping, straining, and spreading, making it a versatile cloth that can be used quickly in everyday life, making it useful for household tasks such as cleaning and the kitchen. The firm material can be washed and used repeatedly.

Material: cotton
Country of origin: Japan

< Guidance >
○This is a service provided to customers who have purchased the product. Wrapping cannot be ordered separately.
○One item will be wrapped, so if you would like multiple wrappings, please order multiple gift wrapping items. (*The set product is one product.)
○If you are ordering multiple items (2 or more items) at the same time, please be sure to let us know which item you would like wrapped in the notes section of your order cart.
Example: “Out of the purchases of ●● and ▲▲, I would like wrapping only for ●●”
○As this is a wrapping only service, we do not provide carrier bags.
○The image is a sample and may differ depending on the product you order. Depending on the size and shape of the purchased product, we will select the most suitable size of Wazarashi.
○If the delivery address is different from that of the customer who placed the order, we will not send the delivery note together.


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