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φ174 Open Fire Bowl Set of 2

φ174 Open Fire Bowl Set of 2

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φ174 Open Fire Bowl (1)
φ174 Open Fire Bowl (2)

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〈Set contents〉
2 φ174 Open Fire Bowls

〈Set Price〉
¥20,020 → ¥18,920

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φ174 open fire bowl

It's the perfect size for mixed noodles, instant ramen, rice bowls, and more. With the lid, it's also suitable for simmering dishes.

Diameter: 174mm x height: 80mm
Bottom diameter: approx. 93mm
Inner diameter: approx. 168mm
Weight: Approx. 223g
Capacity: Approximately 1010mL
Material: Aluminum (Surface processing: Alumite processing)
Place of production: Japan
Color: Silver/Black
Microwave oven, IH heater, dishwasher, dryer: Not available

<How to care>
○After use, wash with a soft sponge and neutral dish detergent and dry thoroughly.
○If you use metal scrubbers, melamine sponges, polishing powder, bleach, etc. when cleaning, there is a risk of scratches or discoloration.
○Leaving the product with dirt containing salt or oil or storing it in a humid place may cause rust or dirt.
○If the food is burnt, cover it with water, bring it to a boil, and use a soft sponge to remove the burnt parts.

<Handling Precautions>
○Please use mittens (pot holders) etc. when cooking.
○Please be careful as rapid cooling may cause damage.
○Please be careful not to overheat (fried food) or let the food dry.
○If you place it on a table while it is hot, it may leave marks, so please use a pot holder etc.
○ There may be small scratches on the edges or surface of the product, but this is due to the manufacturing process.

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